The Zettelkasten Principles

Things to remember when writing notes with the Zettelkasten method (shamelessly taken from here):

  1. Atomicity: each note should contain one idea and one idea only.
  2. Autonomy: each note should be self-contained and comprehensivle on its own.
  3. Always link: “each note is just an element that derives its quality from the network of links in the system. A note that is not connected to the network will be lostm will be forgotten by the Zettelkasten.”
  4. Explain why you’re linking notes
  5. Use your own words
  6. Keep references
  7. Add your own thughts
  8. Don’t worry about structure: “there are no privileged positions.”
  9. Add connection notes
  10. Add outline notes
  11. Never Delete
  12. Add notes without fear

Another good ressources can be found here.