Install Kali NetHunter on Pixel 3a

This is an old guide I used for myself. It is most probably out of date but it’s a good start to install Kali on a Pixel phone that is not supported natively (when this was written).

At some point I want to be able to deliver a Kernel to install Kali NetHunter. But I will have to learn more on Android first.

  • Decide on top of which ROM you want to install it and install it. LineageOS is a good start.
  • Follow installing instruction
  • Install twrp
  • Install Magisk
  • Install NetHunter with twrp
    • Need both KaliNethunter-v8.2(22).zip AND Mad-Kali-MaxHunter-P3A-S (in this order)
  • Download nethunter app
  • Give root to Nethunter app with Magisk
  • Add permissions to Nethunter because of this bug
  • Launch Nethunter app and follow instruction to install Kali chroot