Resilience can be defined as the ability to adapt to difficult situations.

We need to build resilience in our system.

We need redundancy, being able to find single points of failure (SPOF), have fail over, and being fault tolerant (recognize failure and be able to correct that).

We also need multiple people that have been cross trained to support our products.

Other metrics we are measured against is fail secure.

Fail secures means that when a system fails, it should not fail in a state that leads to a compromise of security. There are different kind of fail secure:

  • Fail hard: hard shutdown
  • Fail soft: try again
  • Fail safe: for the safety of people, an emergency door let people out but won’t let people in

Resilient software is based on isolation: isolate failures, reduce dependencies (loose coupling, so if one element has a problem, it doesn’t mean that the others fail as well).