Collaborator Objects

Collaboration is one way of modeling relationship between different objets. In a collaboration, there is a has-a type of relationship reffered to as association (see Inheritance vs. Association). Collaborator objects can be of any time.

class Library
  def initialize
    @book = []

  def add_book(book)
    @books << book

class Book

my_library =
my_book =

In the code above, there is a collaborative relationship between Library and Book classes within the class definition of Library. However, my_book doesn’t become associated with my_library until the last line when we call the Library#add_book method.

In general, collaboration is view in terms of modeling relationships, i.e. even if we never call Library#add_book (and thus never associate my_book with my_library), it is safe to say Book class is a collaborator for Library because of the design decision in our code.