Keystroke Idioms in Kakoune

Note: the following notation are often used in modal editors (example for Ctrl + v):

  • ^V
  • Ctrl-V
  • C-V
Delete Wordwd
Delete up to Whitespace<a-w>d
Delete Inner Word<a-i>wd
Delete Back 4 WordsBBBBd or 4Bd
Change to End of wordec
Yank a sentence<a-a>sy
Change To next occurrence of xtxc
Select next occurrence of xtx
Indent 3 lines downxXX>
Unindent within braces<a-i>}<
Replace all occurrence%s word to replace
Multiple selectionsShift + c
Search pattern set to current selection*
Replace selected text with yanked textR
Start/stop macro recordingQ
Split selected text on line ends<a-s> (Alt + s)
Keep selections not matching<a-K> (Alt + K)
Convert selection to upper case~
Easily align text (= from all buffer)%s=<ret>&
Select block of similar indentation<a-i>i (Alt + i)