NUT on OpenWrt

Here are the steps I took to set up NUT at home between a NAS (server) and an Openwrt router (client).

First, on the NUT server, make sure it is set with MODE=netserver.

Next, add the folowing directive for the client:

In /etc/nut/upsd.conf you should add

LISTEN #IP of the client

Next, on the client:

Make sure you have installed nut-client which is the useful package for this use case.

Inside /etc/nut/nut/nut.conf, make sure there is MODE=netclient.

In $HOMEBREW/nut/config/nut-monitor (or something similar) you should have the following rules:

config slave
   option upsname ups
   option hostname
   option username upsmon
   option password secret

Replace upsname, hostname, username and password with the settings on the NUT server (thoses should be in /etc/nut/upsd.user).

Type upsmon -D in the terminal of the client and check for errors (may need to stop it first as it can’t start more than one time).

This should generate the /etc/nut/upsmon.conf file.

Some docs says to use upsdrvctl -t shutdown. It didn’t work on my system but good to know to try to simulate a shutdown (without actually powering off).

If everything work so far, try the next command (make sure to save all works as this will power off the client):

upsmon -c fsd

NUT should be set up now.

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