Method Lookup Path

In order to know where to look for a method, Ruby uses a defined lookup path. This lookup path is, in order:

  • Inside the class
  • Inside the last included module (then the one before, etc)
  • In the superclass (if inheriting)
  • In the superclass’ modules (if included, starting with the last)
  • In the Object class
  • In the Kernel class
  • In the BasicObject class

The method lookup path can be checked with the ancestors class method:

module Moving

module Sleeping

module Swim

module Fly

class Animal
  include Moving
  include Sleeping

class Flamingo < Animal
  include Swim
  include Fly

  def speak
    puts 'Fancy cry!'

my_flamingo =
my_flamingo.speak # => Fancy cry!

puts Flamingo.ancestors
# => Flamingo
#    Fly
#    Swim
#    Animal
#    Sleeping
#    Moving
#    Object
#    Kernel
#    BasicObject

The important thing to note is the order in which we include modules is important. Last module is looked at first. The same thing happens for each superclass until reaching BasicObject.

Every class in Ruby inherits from the Object class, which itself inherits from Kernel, which itself inherits form BasicObject.

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