What language should I write in?

Why are you flexing three languages?

—some random visitor

I thought about which language to write in for a long time.

Living in Japan, writing in Japanese for a Japanese audience seems like a no brainer if I want to build closer relationships in this region.

It is also a good opportunity to develop writen language skills and some new vocabulary. However, writing in a foreign language, specially one which uses another alphabet is very time consumming, as evidenced by the low number of entries on my blog.

I do have dozens and dozens of drafts, however, but nothing I am confident enough to publish yet.

Writing in English, will still not my native language, is relativly easier (although I am sure there are a lot of mistakes in my writing).

On this Zettelkasten inspired wiki, notes are in whatever language I was using at the moment, or more precisely, whatever language was the source of my findings at the time of taking notes.

It’s not flexing. Moreover, nowadays tools like DeepL are more than capable enough to give you the general ideas if you need to read something in a foreign language.

Good read on the subject:

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